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City: Hong Kong
​​Languages: English
Age: 19-27
Bust: big
Body: sexy

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Whether wearing a mini-skirt, evening dress, or a dressy suit – our ladies cut a fine figure in any outfit. If a business lunch, dinner, attendance at functions or parties, going to a sauna or dancing – we will use our best efforts to meet your requirements.

Signature De-Stress Massage - Increase circulation, release stress and restore balance with a combination of Swedish, Sports, Esalen, Acupressure, and Warm Stones.


Chocolate Aromatic Massage - Relax and balance your senses with pure indulgence!  Chocolate nourishing oils are available in chocolate raspberry, cherry, mint, or cake. 


Anti-Fatigue Massage - A deep tissue massage with focus on body work to relieve tension and fatigue of neck, shoulders, back and hip issues. Include warm stones and cupping. 


Crystals & Warm Stone Massage - Relax your body and balance your mind during this wonderfully holistic treatment.  Warm natural stones and essential oils are applied with continual motion to your body to help unlock tension deep within the muscles, relieve stress, and help you achieve total relaxation.  To complete this treatment, the use of crystals and energy balancing are utilized to leave you in a state of divine tranquility.


Raindrop Therapy - A unique aromatic experience for body alignment and deep relaxation.  Essential oils are applied to your spine, heat is applied to capture the essence of the oils and assist in penetration; leaving you relaxed and feeling completely centered.  Includes energy balancing. 


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City: Hong Kong
​​Languages: English
Age: 21-29
Bust: 2
Body: sexy

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Godess Temple
- massage salon -

Our experience and our knowledge in what it means "The Art of Massage" (we're active for over 14 years in this domain) allows us to provide you a wide area of massages:

Relaxation massage Sensual massage Erotic massage Double massage Couple massage
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